The Proto-Shinmaic Vortex

Ezma’s study of the Protoshinmaic Vortex has determined it is connected in some way to the Eye of Autocthon, a legendary sorcerous relic of incredible power that preludes catastrophe.

The Eye of Autocthon is not safe, it remains to be seen if the Protoshinmaic Vortex can be. She has wrested from the Vortex the following evocation, which allows her to mold and sculpt Creation to her will, summoning fire, ice lightning or other wonders at her whim. If used to accomplish a particular task the player may simply describe the effect she would like to take place, and it happens. This effect cannot be resisted by mere mortals or spirits with essence less than three. The Exalted host may always attempt to resist these effects, and shaping defenses will deny them outright.

Creation Sculpting Titan Will
Cost: 10m, 2i 1wp
Type: Simple, Shaping
Requirements: Essence 4
Make fiat-level changes to the Creation. If used to strike out at a singular individual this may act as a landscape attack at 10, 15, or 20 dice depending on the stunt level of the description of the attack, or 10 on a decisive attack +1 for each negative in a crashed targets initiative total. As a withering attack deals 10 + threshold successes, as a decisive attack it deals 3, 7, or 10 lethal damage depending on the level of the stunt and lethality of its strike.
This evocation may be used once per scene but can be reset by channeling 15 sorcerous motes into the vortex as a simple action.

Outside of combat or as an indirect attack this evocation can shatter walls or cliffsides, blast dunes into glass or shape a hundred soldiers into a flock of geese. Virtually any effect that could be accomplished with a Celestial Spell could be accomplished with this evocation, while scene or day-long shaping could do significantly more.

However, each additional use of Creation Sculpting Titan Will destabilizes Creation at an almost imperceptible level around the user. Each time this evocation is used in a scene the ST rolls 1d10-the wielder’s essence and records the number in secret. When this number reaches 25 a magical catastrophe on the level of the Prophet Ikerre, Grand Satrap Manosque Viridian, or the sorcerer Bagrash Kol* takes place. Each time after the first evocation in a scene the ST rolls another d10, but does not subtract the wielder’s essence.

A successful Terrestrial level sorcerous working can tell you your current number on the records. A successful Celestial level sorcerous working can tell you the nature of the impending disaster. A successful Solar level sorcerous working can repair the damage done to your pattern with the Eye, resetting the number back to 25 – the total number of Solar workings used to offset the cost.

*These are the known disasters that befell previous wielders since the founding of the Scarlet Dynasty…
Two centuries ago The Prophet Ikerre used the Eye of Autocthon to lead a grand crusade against the Wyld and the Deathlords, successfully defeating hordes of Raksha and closing two Shadowlands. Ikerre and their armies of hundreds were eventually found turned to crystal, their faces hardened into immutable expressions of terror.
Five centuries ago, The Grand Satrap Manosque Viridian used the Eye to successfully deactivated the Imperial War Manse of the Empress. She led her revolution of fifty-thousand troops and six dozen Dragon-Blooded heroes to within a three-day march of the Imperial capital when the day darkened to blackest night, and Lady Viridian and half her army fell into the sky. The Empress subsequently executed the remaining Dragon-blooded and made the remaining soldiers bonded-janissaries.
Six centuries ago, the sorcerer Bagrash Kol used the Eye to wrest a Demesne from the northern Wyld. He built a citadel so tall its towers needed gates to let the moon pass through, and enslaved thousands of peasants and barbarians to populate his kingdom. Five years later, dozens of terror-maddened men and women appeared in the northern Threshold kingdoms. They said that Bagrash Kol’s kingdom had met a strange and nameless doom. Many sought the kingdom of Bagrash Kol in hopes of looting his treasures.

The Proto-Shinmaic Vortex

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