Less than 200 Wealthy Oligarchs with substantial reputation and influence, the grand majority of which are members of the Pax Ministerial
12,000 registered land owning citizens holding a Mark of Trade
Approximately 38,000 renters, paupers, peasants, day laborers and foot soldiers
Approximately 20,000 disenfranchised
Large majority Central Eastern human with a smattering of Beastfolk and an even smaller population of godblooded or lavishly paid Dragonblood Champions.

Capital City – Roark

Political Structure: oligarchy – syndicate
Strong Influence: Religion
Popular Issue: Conflict with the Guild
Stability: Teetering on the edge of destabilization
Personal Freedoms: Scant few
Scandals: Nearly Constant
Foreign Relations: Tense

Main Export: Agricultural, Luxuries
Main Import: Textiles, Paper goods
Main Resource: mining – gems
Trade: very little
Strength: somewhat weak and declining since the retreat of Realm forces
Wealth: Massive Disparity

Main Climate: Temperate
Rivers: Upriver in the Kingdoms
Mountains: None
Frequent Trouble: Crime
Wilderness: 85%
Wild Animals: Standard Temperate, Reptile Super Predators
Natural Resources: Substantial lands for logging, agriculture, and mining

Highly Values: Wealth and Status
Known For: Decadent Oligarchy, Dinosaur Husbandry
Popular Entertainment: Arena Combat, Scholarly pursuits
Respected Profession: Banking
Discrimination: Income Based
Major Taboo: Snitching
Major Social Ill: Drugs

Strength: Competency 3, Drill 2
Focus: Land Based
Main Unit: Infantry
Specialty: Raptor Cavalry
Soldiers: Mercenaries leading drafted soldiers
Main Use: Public Suppression
Rank: Bill of Sale by Citizen rank or greater

Type: polytheism
Focus: Duty to Family
Worship: solemn daily prayers in public (oligarchy in league w/merchant goddess)
Associated Art form: psalms
Prevalence: worshiped by almost all, though few put their faith in her
Holidays: Few

Urban: 28%
Rural: 72%
Literacy Rate: 15% Lower Class & Disenfranchised, 90% Citizenry, 100% Oligarchy
Gender Ratio: 0.72 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 2.6 children/family
Life Expectancy: 33.2 years for working class, 50’s for