The Bronze Pioneers

The Pioneers are currently in the employ of the Pax, hired on to keep the people under control as well as to keep the other 100 kingdoms out. Public opinion of the Pioneers is unfavorable, though they’re the only sizable military of note in Khaslund.

The bulk of the Pioneers are actually made up of drafted soldiers unhappy with their position or military work in general. However ranking mercenaries are well paid and routinely hired from within the draftee’s, which keeps insubordination low and an earnestness for spoils high.

The Pioneers have a single Dragon worth of soldiers garrisoned in Khaslund, a division under the banner of Onyx Jaguar. Roughly half of that number ride circuit throughout Khaslund to enforce Pax taxes and keep banditry to a minimum.

The Onyx Jaguar Division of the Bronze Pioneers are newly employed by Shadowlight Industries, a subsidiary of the Guild active in Khaslund. Since being in the employ of the Guild the OJ Division has assisted the people of Basalt and surrounding range villages in escaping the onslaught of the Heart Chakra. The GJ have not been assigned duties by the Guild representative to whom they answer, Mau Shadowlight. The highest officer of the Onyx Jaguar division is Brigadier Koda. The Onyx Jaguar Division represents 1/5th of the total forces currently employed within Khaslund.

The Bronze Pioneers

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