Ebon Shadow Style

Ebon Shadow Style
Legal Armor: None
Weapons: Chains, Sais, Knives
Image of Death Technique
Withdrawing his chakra to drop into his body, the character falls to the ground, appearing dead. A careful examination and a medicine roll contested by the character’s Martial Arts is needed determine that he still lives. In this state he needs neither to eat nor drink, and may hold his breath fifty times longer than normal.
Wall Climbing Technique
The character using this technique can move or dash along walls, ropes, hanging chains and other vertical surfaces as easily as he can walk along a floor. He cannot stop along a surface however, and must use one Style tag for every two points of barrier he overcomes in this way.
Pressure Disjointing Poke
The Martial Artist may make a touch attack against an opponent to cause an instantaneous weakening in his target, granting the attacker a free tag of his weakened target.
Distracting Finger-Gesture Attack
Terrestrial Charm, minimum 2 Essence and one tag
The Ebon Shadow Stylist makes a complex, Essence-charged sign with his fingers, and the twisting lines of shadowy essence distract and slow one selected opponents. The character rolls martial arts against a single opponent who contests this attack with either awareness or integrity, the target takes a stunning penalty equal to the number of invokes the Ebon Shadow gains on this contested roll. This charm is a shaping technique.
Ebon Shadow Form
Terrestrial Charm, minimum 2 essence and one tag
The Stylist moves with the eerie speed and grace of a candle-wavering silhouette. While possessing any tags of this form the Martial Artist adds his Martial Arts style bonus to his initiative, stealth, and dodge rating. If slain while this form is active the Stylists will dissipate into a thick black smoke, leaving behind no ghost and no trace of his identity save perhaps his equipment.

Sojourner Level Techniques
Essence Penetration and Disruption Practices
Seven Points of Weakness Strike
Enlightened Charm, minimum 2 essence and one tag
The Stylists essence guides his attack to the weakest point of his targets armor. The character subtracts his Martial Arts style bonus from his opponents’ armor rating or magnitude bonus.
Limb-Immobilizing Method
Terrestrial Charm, minimum 2 essence and one tag
With the slightest touch, like a shadow falling on bare skin, the stylist immobilizes one of his targets limbs. The character need only touch a foe in order to paralyze that limb, contesting the targets physique with his martial arts and placing a number of tags of that paralysis on that target equal to 1 + successes with style. This attack does not function against targets without a vital center and is a shaping charm.

Elusive Flowing Shadow Practices
Elusive Flicker Evasion
Terrestrial Charm, minimum 2 essence and one tag
The Stylist momentarily flickers outside the substance of an attack, even against strikes which cannot be dodged the Ebon Shadow gains a minimum 3 dodge defense and may use essence to increase the tier of his athletics based defense up to Terrestrial tier.
Blow-Concealing Gesture
Terrestrial Charm, minimum 2 essence and one tag
The Stylist makes an arcane silent-communication gesture once used by teams of Night Caste scouts, infusing the gesture with essence. In so doing, he renders his opponent unable to properly react to an attack he makes. An attack enhanced by this charm does not grant the target a boost should the target surpass the attack with style, nor may a target use a refresh charm to increase their defense or cause a counter attack. Against non-heroic targets this charm causes the Stylists attack to be automatically unexpected.

Master Level Techniques
Essence Penetration and Disruption Practices
Paralyzing Touch Attack
Celestial Charm, minimum 4 essence and one tag
Rather than a single limb the Stylist may paralyze a target completely, rendering the target completely unable to take their next action for each consequence taken. A character capable of practicing enlightened martial arts or medicine may be able to instantly restore the victims essence flows, removing the effects of this attack. This is a shaping attack that does not function against targets without a vital area.

Elusive Flowing Shadows Practices
Shadow-Body Style
Celestial Charm, minimum 4 essence and one tag, scene long
With this charm, the Stylist takes on the true form of a shadow. He becomes tenebrous and indistinct, a form of tangible darkness. His flattened body slides through any space wide enough for him to fit his fingers through. Indentifying a character using this charm is extremely difficult. When using this charm the Stylist adds his Style bonus to his natural armor, and can see perfectly in any darkness. This charm can only be activated while Ebon Shadow Form is active, but lasts for as long as the Stylist maintains his form.

Grandmaster Technique
Shadow-Stepping Motion
Terrestrial or Celestial Charm, minimum 4 essence and one tag
By using this charm the Stylist slides into one shadow and instantly emerges from another shadow near his destination. The Stylist must have a shadow to step into, and he must somehow have seen his destination. He emerges in the nearest unobserved shadow near his intended destination. That destination can be no more than 2,000 feet away if used as a terrestrial charm, or no more than five miles away if used as a Celestial charm. If the Ebon Shadow Stylist uses this charm to get into position to make an surprise attack he may gain an unexpected attack against a target once per scene

Ebon Shadow Style

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