Mau Shadowlight

Bronze Age Bruce Wayne


Core: without rue
Trouble: Sucker for a pretty face
Motivation: Hates spiders
Silver Tongued Scoundrel
Tactical Genius
Heir to the Shadowlight Fortune



Flame Piece

Athletics 2
*Bureaucracy 6
Investigation 1
Integrity 2
*Larceny 3
Marksmanship 2
*Martial Arts 5
*Performance 5
Physique 2
*Presence 5
*Socialize 4
Stealth 2
*Venture 4
*War 3

Operator, x5 – 5 Stunts spent on increasing background points, 10 points total

0 0 0 – Contacts – Guild Related
0 0 0 0 0 – Faction Shadowlight
0 0 – Reputation
0 0 – Retainer – +2 Bodyguard, – +2 Mercantile (Chuck) – +1 Hagan
0 0 0 0 0 – Resources
one resources 4 purchase made freely.
0 – Authority
0 – Spies

Ibis Silent Tongue (sign language popular with assassins in the East)
+3 languages

0 exp 1/2

5 black
6 blue

B – Exercise of Effective Discourse: You may cut the time it takes for your organization to plan a project in half. This essence must be committed during the planning phase and the Solar must be present and involved for its entirety.
B – Steadfast Statesman’s Efficient Practices: Each time you command an organization to take on a project you may roll your bureaucracy against the difficulty of that projects scope. For each earned invoke on this roll you gain a free point of capital which may only be used to bolster that project.
S – Wild Revelry Approach: Your attitude, manner, and certain je ne sais quoi break down the social barriers in any social scene you attend. All attempts at social influence or entering personal zones through conversation by anyone in the scene gain a boost. This charm lasts until the end of the designated scene of revelry.
S – Imperious Attitude Authority: The perfidious babble ineffectually, but one word from the Lawgiver shall move the masses of Creation. Unless an opponent holds obvious and immediate power over your character this charm acts as an aspect justification for rolling conversation in order to place influence on a target.
MA – Dragon Coil Technique: The Clinch of the Lawgiver does not fail. The Solar’s grip is inexolerable, and she may, if she chooses, squeeze the life from the strongest opponent. Activating this charm increases the Solar’s might to Enlightened and allows him to deal damage when he attempts to grapple an opponent.
MA – Fists of Iron Technique: The Solar infuses her hands with the strength of her Essence and strikes like the Unconquered Sun. This charm enhances her unarmed strikes to strike at a Magnitude 1, W2 rating. The Solar may parry attacks unarmed without a stunt until his next action.
P – Respect Commanding Attitude: Your performances or commands become impossible to disregard. Anyone who wishes to disregard the effects of your performance must succeed at an integrity overcome action equal to your performance ability.
B – Masterful Managers Scissors: The next action your organization takes temporarily reduces its corruption trait by your bureaucracy.
B – ABC Mantra: This charm supplements an action you command from an organization; it does not require an essence commitment. Your organization will automatically reattempt that action if it fails without need for you to command the action or to invest additional capital. The organization will continue this action unless you or someone with a higher authority explicitly commands it to stop.
S – Venomous Whispers Technique: The wicked cannot hide behind the cover of thrones or counting houses, the eyes of the Lawgiver shall seek them out. With only a few days of interaction in a community the Exalt may attack a target individual with a reputation or authority of 2 or greater, or an organization of size or reach >2.
B – Heavenly Bureaucrat Omniscience: With the exception of planning actions you may take leadership actions even while far away from or out of communication with your organization. You can be assumed to read the signs of markets and politics to safely determine the best act for the future, giving you the difficulty, time, and possible opposition of any project before you attempt it. This power must be activated in the planning phase of an operation or task.
B – Magnificent Steward Solidarity: Your organization gains Armor 6 against all attempts to corrupt its ranks or stymie its projects while you are leading it.

Talked Flynn out of an Assassination attempt on his life

Sole Heir to the Shadowlight Fortune, Parents living or dead???

Mau Shadowlight

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