Exalted: Golden Shackles, Iron Crowns


Exalted! Notes for me, mostly.

Realm Year – (Between 768 & 769), 3rd Day of Calibration; a clear and temperate night.
Days since Campaign began: 1 Year, 5 days

Previous Session:
The party managed to complete the process needed to pass through the barrier, they found a huge, magically advanced and incredibly populated city on the other side. A small force of mortals from the Dragonblooded army crossed over around the same time, but were eviscerated by a couple of automaton sentries. These automatons paid no heed to the characters.

As they got their bearings they were met by Chejop Kejak, an elderly man in a purple robe with a traveling staff. Flynn (drawing on the knowledge of his past life) instantly recognized him as the architect of the Usurpation, the first revolution that laid low the incarnation cycle of the Solar Exalted and trapped them over two thousand years ago.

Chejop has provided the Circle with a third option. Rather than trusting El-Cid or Paramy, they may simply kill all the constellation behemoths to stop the Fisher King Ritual all together. In return for their cooperation, Chejop promises to allow them to live (so long as they leave Creation) and will watch over Gadesh’s son Ferris (the safety of Ferris was guaranteed with Mau’s Vow power) until the danger has passed. Lastly, Chejop granted Kane the power to locate the Behemoths at his leisure. He simply needs to concentrate on their personas and he will be guided to them.

Ezma and Gadesh met with El-Cid and received an amulet that allows the Circle to pass between the barrier at will. Gadesh also received Essence Silk Armor. Flynn and Kane… Errr, I can’t remember? Mau went shopping.

When we left off the players were gathered on the edge of the city barrier once more, deciding that their next target would be Paramy’s Constellation Behemoth, Shyft.


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