Exalted: Golden Shackles, Iron Crowns


The players begin safely floating above the Dragon-Blooded war camp, having successfully trapped Shyft within the mirror realm.

Gadesh uses herbal-based miracles to heal Mau of his nearly mortal wounds. Go-go Essence fueled surgeries!

In the morning Gadesh has revealed the entirety of his backstory. In short, he caused Ferris’ curse in exchange for sorcerous power that he assumed would protect him from the manipulations of Erlisch. He did this because his wife, Farah; attempted to reconcile Gadesh and Erlisch in an attempt to heal their family. When he confronted Erlisch with his act he was told that Farah had been consumed “by an entity that swallows identities and makes them its own, creating a myriad creature seething with polycogent souls”. Most importantly, Gadesh announced it was his intent to use the Fisher King Ritual to Exalt his son, which he believes to be the only way to curing Ferris of the curse.

Flynn and Ezma let slip that they believe they may have an alternative means of curing Ferris by way of a combination of Flynn’s reality-altering Martial Arts and Ezma’s miraculous Alchemy.

Further, the players decide that the loose plan for now is to try to save Ferris by way of Breating on the Black Mirror as a plan A, or using the Fisher King Ritual by taking it from El-Cid and transferring The Authority to Kane. Kane intends to then Exalt Ferris, and then abandon the power back to the Unconquered Sun.

Having concocted their approximate plan, Fetch decides to let them in on a way to get the enlightened heroics the Ezma wants without extinguishing the lives of possibly sentient creatures. Namely, they should try requesting the memories of the Righteous Dead!

The first step on this mission is to contact the Righteous Dead themselves and to do so they’ll need to summon the Chirmirajen; the Divine Monorail to the Daystar (yeah; the Sun).
Mau does the proper song and dance (literally) and summons the monorail, which then then speeds them on their way towards the Daystar.

The Circle heeds Fetches warning about the diligence expected by Nylesa, deciding to give her a wide berth. On their way towards the Gate of Halidom (abode of the Righteous Dead) the Circle encounters Bannery Bu. Bannery is more than pleased to have someone to speak with other than the Righteous Dead and stuffy old Nylesa. She also divines that the Circle will need her help after they speak to the Righteous Dead. An offer they don’t even know they’ll need to make yet, the Solars none-the-less acquiesce to her offer of help, and she requires three things of them.

1. They must help her perfect her autonomous war engine; Practice.
2. They must collect an artifact she crafted for herself on Daystar generations ago; and she hands them a requisition ticket to do so.
3. They must entertain her when next they meet.

Confused, annoyed, and slightly flustered, the party and the spirit part ways.

After an hour more of wandering around the Solars at last make it to the Gate of Halidom. They step off the Engine Magnificent into what seems to be a fortress on a sunny hillside, complete with a rainbow bridge that welcomes them into the chamber of Righteous Dead. Having not received new visitors for over a thousand years, the Solars are swarmed with folk delighted and thrilled by the prospect of news, but far too polite and dignified to badger them.

The spotlight closes as discussions begin..


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