“Justice?” It repeated.

“Justice is a delusion you will not find on this or any other sphere. And wisdom? Wisdom is no part of dreams, lithe walker, though dreams are a part of the sum of each life’s experiences, which is the only wisdom that matters.

But revelation? That is the province of dream."
-Neil Gaiman’s Sandman #18, Dream of a Thousand Cats

Gods and Monsters walk the sodden paths in teeming cities,
The Wyld and the Dead spill forth from Shadowland and Primal Chaos
And the empire at the center, resplendent for a thousand years
Takes its first teetering steps towards ruin
Surely the Third Age is at hand.

- – -

Golden Shackles, Iron Crowns is an Exalted game featuring five newly Exalted Solar’s coming into their power and struggling against those who fear them and those who would use them.

The Campaign begins on the road in the far East as the PC’s, still mortal, struggle to survive the dangerous road between the Wyld and Khaslund, one of the Hundred petty Kingdoms that would have them dream eaten by the Fair Folk.

System: Exalted 3rd Edition

The Cast:





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Exalted: Golden Shackles, Iron Crowns

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